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An online course for people who want to get into the Arts. If you want to distinguish Impressionism from Renaissance, or understand the relationship between the artist, the viewer and the artwork itself – enroll now!

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Starts June 22

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  • 100% online
    Learn whenever and wherever you want
  • 23 lectures
    Covering all art periods from Ancient epics to Modern Art
  • 15 minutes
    Duration of each class
  • 8 weeks of study
    45 min per week
    (3 lectures per week)
Expert knowledge shared by leading art historians, gallery owners and art curators
Unforgettable stories that make learning easy and fun
No boring lectures! Just practical knowledge you can use right away
Material designed to be interesting for both newbies and regular museum visitors
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  • Your future visits to museums and exhibitions will be enhanced!
  • No more feeling left out of art conversations!
  • Learn to recognize artists and paintings by style.
  • Easily identify and distinguish art trends.
  • Learn how to analyze and describe works of art.
  • Define essential characteristics of significant paintings, movements, and individual artists.
  • Short notes to help you to easily recognize styles and famous painters
  • A brief summary of each lecture
  • Information presented in an easy and dynamic format
  • Short but comprehensive lectures
  • Online education means you can study whenever and wherever you like
  • Program developed by lecturers from leading museums and galleries
  • Antiquity
    The image of an ideal, harmoniously developed person - a warrior and patriot.
    #Myron #Polykleitos #Phidias #Lysippos #Leochares #Agrippa #Scopas #Exekias #Praxiteles
  • Middle Ages
    Biblical subjects such as Christ's Nativity, Madonna Litta, the Passion, and his crucifixion, were painted during this period of time.
    #Lorenzetti #Giotto #Martini #Donatello
  • Renaissance
    Something special - the period when divine heroes have gained human traits.
    #da Vinci #Rafael #Michelangelo #Botticelli #Bosch #vanEyck
  • Baroque
    As the church's influence weakened, it turned to art to strengthen its position.
    #Rubens #Caravaggio #Murillo #Gentileschi #Rembrandt #Velazquez

  • Classicism
    Antique motifs and their demonstration. Only the right proportions and appropriate settings were presented.
    #Poussin #Bouguereau #David #Carracci

  • Romanticism
    Human feelings became the main focus of Romanticism.
    #Goya #Runge #Fridrich #Fuseli #Delacroix #Gericault #Bryullov

  • Realism
    Depicting everyday life in all its forms. Realism arose as a protest against the academic rules in art.
    #Courbet #Rousseau #Repin #Rossetti #Dupré

  • Impressionism
    Artwork with a total lack of academic rules. Impression reflects reality by capturing poignant, fleeting moments in life.
    #Monet #Degas #Manet #Pissarro #Morisot #Sisley #Renoir

  • Modernism
    «Other art». For many artists, this was a period of exploring new, untraditional styles.
    #Picasso #Malevich #vanGogh #Gauguin #Munch #Toulouse-Lautrec #Kahlo #Miro #Magritte

main periods of art history will be discussed
artworks will be analyzed
painters will be studied
3 tests on knowledge obtained
Curator, Art Historian
Elizabeth Makeeva
"Our main goal is to teach you how to navigate classic and modern works of art. Using significant masterpieces as examples, you will learn to identify key principles and features of each era. With this knowledge, you will become familiar with art, its periods, important names, and movements."

  • I often do presentations for my daughter's art history classes, so I was looking for a good course to get information from. I chose Picasso because they offer courses that are short enough to get through really quickly.
    Julia F
  • Great course! I discovered some amazing artists and developed a better understanding of what I had learned before. I wish it had been longer!
    Christine M
  • Very interesting course that makes you work your brain into thinking what art is truly about. It has definitely helped me open my eyes and appreciate what modern art is all about!
    Gabriela D
  • Extremely informative and interesting while still being simple and fun.
    Andrea I
  • I've always wanted to have at least a basic understanding of art. My friends love exhibitions and museums, but I couldn't share this interest with them. When I decided to take an art course I accidentally stumbled upon the Picasso School in a search engine and decided to take a chance since it was inexpensive. I made the right choice: the course is compact, fascinating and teaches you with a bunch of interesting facts about artists and movements like Impressionism or Romanticism. Highly recommended to everyone.
    Claire T
  • From the time I graduated from art school, I knew my knowledge was fading away. I wanted to refresh it, and this course was a great option. Picasso School has found a way to provide interesting content without making it too complicated or overloaded with info -- it was fun to go through! I think this might be useful both for newbies and those who want to learn more or refresh their knowledge.
    100% worth the price!
    Michelle A
We have combined the experience and knowledge of the curators, gallery owners and art historians that form the best of modern art culture to make our course exciting, engaging, and easy to learn.
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